Hello, we are 101 & Co.

Our Name

A lot of people ask us: "why did you name your company after 101? is there any meaning to it?"

Of course there's a lot of meaning behind our name: why we started, what we want to make, and how we would like to change the pet-parenthood.


We named our company 101 because we would like to  set the “101 Standard”, which innovates and digitizes the pet industry to help our four pawed family could  stay healthy at their perfect body temperature, "101" Fahrenheit.

Our Mission & Philisophy

101 & Co. was found with a mission to provide a data-driven pet food and health care solution using the connected pet technology.

We believe this technology will empower pet parents to be knowledgeable, so they can make healthier choices for their pets.

With us, pet parents can easily:

1. understand their four-pawed babies' preferences and status

2. provide customized diet and care solution

3. spend more time caring, loving, and playing rather than studying nutrition facts and researching reviews of pet food 


101 & Co. (원오원앤코)

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U.S. Office

Carson, CA 90746, USA

South Korea​​ Office

경기도 성남시 분당구 성남대로779번길 6 1층

​경기벤처창업지원센터 (판교)

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